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The Diamond Family Digest - Welcome Back!

08/07/2019 08:20:36 PM


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UPDATE: Purim Carnival Time

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Welcome to Ms. Shoshanna Rosenthal!

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Welcome Back & Book Donation Opportunity

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Anti-Semitism Summit, January 6

01/02/2019 11:19:39 AM


Newsletter/Blog Update - 12/19/18

12/19/2018 06:22:09 PM


Newsletter/Blog - 12/12/18

12/13/2018 09:50:09 AM


12/5/18 - Happy Chanukah! Newsletter

12/05/2018 08:06:07 PM


11/28/18 - Hebrew Skills & Chanukah Dinner

11/28/2018 06:05:07 PM


Week of 11/11/18 - The Daffodil  Project

11/14/2018 05:20:47 PM


This Sunday brought sunshine and a special project to the Diamond Family Religious School's 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes.  Avi Frank, a student at The Davis Academy, has chosen The Daffodil Project as his service project for his bar mitzvah.  The Daffodil Project is a worldwide initiative that aspires to build a Living Holocaust Memorial by planting 1.5 million children who perished int he Holocaust in support for children suffering in humanitarian crises int he world today. The shape and color of the daffodils represent the yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear during hte Holocaust.  Yellow is the color of remembrance.  Daffodils represent our poignant hope for the future.  They are resilient and return with a burst of color each spring. The daffodils honor the memory of those who perished and also serve to honor those who survived.

Another part of The Daffodil Project is twinning.  Students can twin their b'nai mitzvah with a child who perished in the Holocaust who was not able to celebrate this important milestone.  The Am Yisrael Chai Twinning program within The Daffodil Project enables students to learn more about the Holocaust in a meaningful and personal way.

Also, don't forget about Chanukah Pre-K Preview (December 2). Sign up here:

Toy for Tots Toy Drive

AND the Religious School Chanukah Party and Services (BYOB & festive Chanukah gear) - all grades will participate.  RSVP today!

Week of 10/28/18 & Daylight Saving Reminder

11/01/2018 06:23:36 PM


To be in this building each week with your children is joy...pure joy.  This week was special because, despite the tragic events in Pittsburgh on Saturday, we all came together as a community to learn together, support each other, and be proudly Jewish. 

Our 3rd graders had a blast at the ropes course.  Our 1st graders learned with Omer, our shin shin from Israel. The 4th graders began the creation of their Etz Chesed (tree of kindness) while our 8th graders began to prepare their programming for the next PreK preview.  Listening to the 7th graders debrief from their trip to the Center for Civil and Human Rights was powerful, especially since they are transitioning into some profound subject matter pertaining to anti-semitism.

I am so proud of our students and teachers.  The work they do together each week is important...from the Kindergartners to the Confirmands...they are learning, growing, building community, and solidifying their Jewish identity.

This Sunday is Daylight Saving - set those clocks back before bed on Saturday night.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.  Great 4th grade pics from their classwork this week on Facebook now!

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November 11, 18 and Dec 2
8:30am - 12:30pm

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Beth's Blog - 10/24/18

10/24/2018 08:02:01 PM


It has been so long since a blog update, and so much has been happening!  Students have been bonding at the ropes course, parents have been connecting over coffee, and so much learning has been happening.  I can't believe that we are already halfway through the first semester!

Parents of students in Kippah Varod (pink) through Kippah Katom (orange) - please make sure that your student is practicing their Hebrew at least 15 minutes each week.  What I have found works the best is 5 minutes per day.  We are at the point in the year where students should be moving kippah levels.  The link for the Hebrew packets AND videos is  .

Upcoming Dates:

10/28/18 - 3rd Grade Ropes Course & 3rd Grade Parents' Meet-up

11/4/18 - Tzedakah Project info from CAC (all grades)

11/11/18 - Daffodil Planting (6th & 7th Grades)

11/18/18 - 7th & 8th Grade Field Trip to the Leo Frank Historical Marker

12/2/18 - PreK Preview Day (info below) & Post-Confirmation (1:30-2:30, 11th & 12th Grades)

Please be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!  See you Sunday!

Click  HERE HERE to register for PreK Preview Day!

Are you interested in URJ 6 Points Sports Academy for your child.  Please check out the event happening THIS Sunday, October 28.

Start bringing in your new, unwrapped toys for the Toys for Tots collection to be donated this holiday season.

Beth's Blog - Week of 9/23/18

09/23/2018 11:16:08 AM


This year, our 3rd-7th graders will have a chance to bond and form connections with their peers off-site at the MJCCA Ropes Course.  Our 7th graders went last week and our 6th graders went this week.  Please click here for our Ropes Course photos. They will be updated after each class visits.

Dates to Remember:

9/30 - 5th grade Ropes Course; Consecration & Simchat Torah Celebration

10/5 - 7th grade field trip money due

10/7 - No School

10/14 - 4th grade Ropes Course; 7th grade Center for Civil and Human Rights

10/20-10/21 - Family Camp (no school)

10/28 - 3rd grade Ropes Course

Outdoor recess began today!  Gaga ball, cornhole, tag, and more!  We had a ton of fun.  You may want to make sure your child is wearing shoes they are comfortable playing in.  A water bottle and a healthy snack are always encouraged.

Our K-2 students worked on Hebrew letters using tactile methods - buttons and pretzels.

We also decorated our sukkah.  We can't wait to spend more time in the sukkah next Sunday.  It looks beautiful!

Our 7th graders are learning about and preparing for their field trip to the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  Our 8th graders are prepped and prepared for next week's Pre-K Preview Day.

Beth's Blog - Week of 8/26/18

08/30/2018 07:00:39 PM


This week in...

Kindergarten: Today Kindergarten learned about what a Synagogue is. They learned that it is a place of prayer for Jewish people to come to. They learned how to write the word synagogue and even did a maze showing the way to the synagogue. Lastly the class took a tour of our own synagogue to learn where everything is!  Questions for Home: 1. What is a synagogue for? 2. Can you name one room located in our synagogue?

First Grade: First graders got to know each other today, and got to know the classroom rules and routines.  First grade learned about their studies for the year - mitzvot. They had so much fun singing with Cantor Adesnik and creating bumblebees in art.  Questions for Home: 1. What is 1 rule for our classroom? 2. What is the word that teaches us how to treat others?

2nd Grade: 2nd graders talked about the Torah and why we read and study it. They created a poster depicting the creation of the world.  Questions for Home: 1. Why do we read the Torah? 2. What is the first word of the Torah?

K & 1 Singing "Shofar Blast" with Cantor Adesnik

3rd Grade:

  • Judaics - The objective of today's lesson was to help students, Madrichim, and teacher build relationships quickly and successfully. The students were involved in activities that gave them a sense of community and allowed for better bonding. Games introduced: Name Rhymes, The Cinderella Game, and Making Connections. These activities helped the class connect in a fun way! Questions for Home: 1. Can you name three new friends that you met in class today? 2. What did you have in common with them?
  • Applied Hebrew - To start off the lesson, each child will open up their Siddur and go over familiar prayers in search of words that are used to describe God. After writing down 10 words on the whiteboard, we will narrow the list down to 5. Each student will choose 3-4 words from the remaining list that they believe applies to themselves, and explain why they chose those words. After a classroom discussion about how we are all similar to God in different ways, we will talk about Rosh Hashanah and how it is the celebration of God's creation of the world. Questions for Home: 1. Why do we eat apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah? 2. What is the name of the Hebrew month that Rosh Hashanah is celebrated in?

4th Grade:

  • Judaics - 4th graders began their study about middot (Jewish values).  They had a meaningful discussion about using middot to develop the classroom norms, and how they can work together to create a supportive learning environment.  Ms. Jess says, "I was SO IMPRESSED by the creativity and insight students shared, and look forward to putting our ideas into practice."  Ask your student about their class norms.
  • Applied Hebrew - In class, students will explore Rosh Hashanah, the new year. The students will learn all the things we do for this holiday. They will also learn the meaning of the holiday, why some people celebrate it for 2 days, and the importance surround it. The class talked about the Shofar, eating sweets, apples and honey, the prayer book, and what some people wear.  The students will also discuss raditions in their homes and share with the rest of the group. Questions for Home: 1. What do you like the best about the holiday and why? 2. What is so special about Rosh Hashanah's date and why is it celebrated for 2 nights?

5th Grade:

  • Judaics - The 5th graders will be examining the textual origins of Rosh Hashanah, as well as the weekly Parshah, Ki Tetzei (Deut 21:10-25:19). Questions for Home: 1. What is Parshah Ki Tetzei (par-shah key tEt-zay) about? 2. What is one modern lesson you took away from it?
  • Applied Hebrew - The class discussed  new beginnings as our first Jewish Holidays is almost here! They learned about the symbols of Rosh Hashanah and how it relates to our daily life. Each student created a Rosh Hashanah card to mom and dad to bless them with this exciting new beginning. Questions for Home: Please tell us about the Rosh Hashanah symbols - what do you think we should put on our table? and why?

Morah Orna & Kippah Tzahov

Getting ready to play at recess 

6th Grade: 6th grade rotated between three stations.  In the first, they began to explore questions like: What is a catastrophe? What was the Holocaust? What do I already know about it? What questions do I have?  In the second station, students were introduced to middot, Jewish values, and they began to talk about what values are most important in their lives today.  In the third station, students talked about their Jewish identity and began conversations around issues of antisemitism.

7th Grade: 7th grade began a text study of community building and how Jews build community.  They are preparing for their first field trip of the year to the MJCCA ropes course, where they will be applying Judaism in an outdoor setting while building a community and having some FUN!  Parents: Be on the lookout for an email with a permission form.  Also, don't forget...we will meet at the JCC by the pool at 9:30 on Sunday, 9/16.  Pick-up will be by the pool at 12:00 pm.

MIT:  In the first half of the lesson, the 8th graders met Omer, Temple Emanu-El's Shinshin from Israel.  Together they studied about teshuvah in preparation for Rosh Hashanah, and they learned from Omer's perspective as an Israeli.  In the second half of their time, the MITs (Madrichim in Training) began preparations for the upcoming Pre-K Preview day.  The 8th graders are so excited to plan a day of activities and fun for the Kindergartners and preschoolers.

Our 3rd through 7th graders learned about Zimria today.


Confirmation: Today the 9th and 10th graders had the second part to their scavenger hunt (started last week).  It was designed to have the kids get to know the books and hidden treasure at Temple Emanu-El.  It was also a great getting to know you and bonding activity.

Are you interested in a SUPER SOFT and COMFY Temple Emanu-El t-shirt?  We are putting together an order.  Please click here to download the order form.  T-shirts are $10 each and come in sizes Youth Small through Adult XXLarge.  They are seriously comfy...just ask our clergy and staff.

Do you have a student in PreK? We would love to see them on Sunday, September 30 for a PreK Preview Day! Register online:

Beth's Blog - Week of 8/19/18

08/22/2018 04:14:30 PM


Wow! What a phenomenal first day of school.  We enjoyed a delicious bagel breakfast, and I loved seeing all of the silly human tricks we shared.  The teachers, clergy, and I are so excited for an amazing year.


We have a lot to look forward to this year.  Be on the lookout for an email with your grade level contact list.  You will also be hearing from your grade level representative of the Religious School committee soon.  We can't wait for you all to start building your kehillah (community).

Mark your calendar for these important dates and click the links below to register (not every event is linked):

Ropes Course Community Building: Sundays, 9:30-12:00 at The MJCCA

  • 7th grade - 9/16
  • 6th grade - 9/23
  • 5th grade - 9/30
  • 4th grade - 10/14
  • 3rd grade - 10/28

Tashlich Family Picnic: Saturday, 9/15 at 4:30 pm

Consecration (all new K-2nd Graders): Sunday, 9/30 at 5 pm

Friday with Family: Friday, 10/12 at 6:30 pm

Family Camp: Saturday, 10/20-Sunday, 10/21 at URJ Camp Coleman

Religious School Chanukah Party & Services: Friday, 12/7 at 6:45 pm

We're looking forward to seeing you all again this week.  Remember, bagels ($1 or $1.50 with cream cheese) and GAGA start at 8:45 in the lobby.

Also, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Sh'vat 5781